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Finding the right photographer for your wedding should take some time & effort. And why not! It’s your big day!! Your wedding photographer is one of those few people that will help preserve the memories of your big day. And after all, the one you chose shall always be the Best photographer for your wedding.

  1. I often hear ‘Candid Wedding Photography’ term. Can you please elaborate more on it?
    Candid photography is an art to capture photographs without creating a posed artificial appearance. Our Candid Photographers will never ask bride, groom or for that matter anyone present on wedding to give pose or hold on their smiles for a few several seconds. (Giving a pose when everyone is watching at you is sometimes awkward, isn’t it?).
    Keep it natural, which looks beautiful & fresh forever!!
  2. Why do I need a 'Candid Wedding Photographer'?
    Wedding photography, especially candid forms, is a trend these days. The typical Indian Wedding Photographer is generally your local guy whom you know from last many years. He comes to function with camera, strobes and flashes, and an assistant. Young generation and the socially-well-networked profile people have come to realize that those gaudy and glittery photos posed in front of false decors are no longer cool idea. What is considered catchy and worthy of keeping as memory sake forever, is a bunch of photos shot well, that capture not the event as it happens, but the way it happens.
    People are looking for emotions & expressions to be captured!!
  3. How do I know that photographer I am talking to is good?
    You would want to see as much of the photographer’s work as possible. It is quite likely that he has uploaded only his 5-10 best photos on his website or FB page, and that the rest are not worth seeing. Hence see at least 100-200 photographs taken on various weddings before you make up your mind. In a country such as India, where all states and communities have their own ways to celebrating weddings, it is important so see if the photographer has covered a similar wedding before.
    More weddings covered means more diversified & experienced profile!!.
  4. What equipments are you using?
    Choice of Nikon or Canon is not more important than the end product you are looking for. Examples of Professional & High-end cameras Wedding Photographers use: Canon 1DX, 5D Mark III & Mark II, Canon 6D, Nikon D800, Sony Alpha 77 & A850.
    However please note that it’s always a Photographer who makes photographs look good or bad, not her/his camera/lens/setting.
  5. How many photographers do I need on my function?
    Well, this entirely depends on how big or small your wedding is in terms of number of guests visiting. Generally one candid photographer throughout the function time with bride and groom is recommended in order not to miss any important moment. One more candid photographer can cover families, close relatives and VIP guests. However if you are planning to invite say more than 1000+ guests, please ask for more photographers.
  6. How many photographs will I get?
    If you think, the package cost is proportional to number of photos delivered, you are wrong. We have seen some awesome photographers who deliver not more than 200 photos from an 8-hour event, and some really average photographers who will give you all the 800 photos they click in a span of 4 hours. You must understand that any event can only have a certain number of candid moments captured. If a photographer is offering you more than 500 photos (for a day’s coverage), be guaranteed to get repeat shots.
  7. What is Wedding Photo Book?
    Wedding photo books are Hard-back, light, and have thicker-than-magazine style pages. A 12×18 60 page photo book would generally contain 150-200 photographs depending on the design. Remember – your pictures will make or break an album. Without beautiful pictures, the most high-quality & expensive albums will look cheap.
  8. How soon I will get the Photos and Wedding Photo Book?
    Each photographer has their own timeline. Those who are going to give you edited pictures – will typically take 3-6 weeks to do so. Understand the timelines beforehand and don’t put the photographer under pressure to deliver early. It can only push your edit quality down. Many photographers at the lower end of the price spectrum will just give you all the thousands of photographs they click, immediately transferred from their SD card to your laptop. On the other hand, good photographers will pick and choose the best ones for you. They will ensure that the photos are not just of good quality, but of print quality. Which means, they will set the brightness, contrast and colour tones to create the best that they can.
  9. What is HD Videography and how it is different than Wedding Films?
    HD Videography is a documentation of all the functions using HD video-cameras and provide client with a BluRay Disk with HD format footage. Typically for a day function, one can get 1 hours of edited footage with instrumental music / songs as background music. In this form of videography, the editing and special effects are normal and limited in scope. On the other hand, Wedding Film is an advance trend of capturing all the functions of wedding in artistic way by giving a feel of movie. Wedding film duration can start from 5 minutes till 20-25 minutes based on individual requirement. One dedicated Art Director of wedding film team decides storyline, theme, interviews and script. Film Makers capture the video footage in candid artistic way to create wedding film. Pre wedding meetings are needed to shoot interviews of both bride & groom along with family members if needed as per the script.
  10. What about package cost?
    Wedding Photography is not a commodity. But Budgets cannot be missed either. Good Candid Photographers charge 30-50k ($600-$1000) for a day’s work. A photojournalist, fine-art or contemporary photographer might charge anywhere from 50k-150k ($1000- $3000+) per day (and more!!). It is always better to give your exact requirements and get customized package cost, which helps you getting good deal.
  11. What about payments and bookings?
    Please don’t expect a photographer to hold your dates, just because you sent them an email or spoke to them on phone. Chances are – a few others did the same too. A Wedding photographer will ask you for a booking fee (generally 50% of the entire package fee) and reserve your date based on that. Most photographers would also take the entire fee amount (yes, 100%) before they have taken even a single picture or video footage.
  12. I really loved your work. I have similar functions in my family soon for which I will recommend you. So any discount?
    If you appreciate somebody’s work – Respect their fees too. (We too have bills to pay!). Please do not treat your wedding photographer like a hired cameraman. If you are expecting compelling images – Treat a photographer like an artist.
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