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Knots Forever gives highest priority to values of work – dedication, quality and attention to detail – which show through in our creations. Strict norms and set guidelines define how we work. We owe our success to the unfathomable love of our clients. This is a testament that strong values and ideals survive all odds.


At Knots Forever, we believe that restricting oneself hampers creativity. Hence, we strive to take our work to newer levels with every wedding that we cover. New ideas, innovative approaches and out-of-the-box thinking help us make every wedding unique and give you memories for a lifetime.


At Knots Forever, we ensure that complete research is conducted before every wedding. We leave nothing to chance. A complete understanding of rituals, rites and customs, and even candid conversations with family members of both sides adds that special touch to every wedding. For us, in-depth, careful and proper research is very important.


To do our best work, we need the best gear. Our team uses full-frame cameras, go pros, various lenses, trolleys, sliders and a variety of equipment to get the most out of every shot. At Knots Forever, we believe that the right tools help bring out the best in anything, including your memories.

Quality Policy

At Knots Forever, the one thing that we hold in highest regard is quality. Not a single compromise is made when it comes to the final product. Extensive research, complete dedication, careful planning and impeccable organization are undertaken from the start to give you the best experience, second only to your wedding.


It’s said that Teamwork makes the Dream Work. And our dream is to bestow as many couples as possible with memories that they can cherish for a lifetime to come. We are armed with a Dream Team of award-winning photographers, cameramen, art directors, editors and film makers. And that’s where all the magic happens.

Wedding Services We Offer
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